Embracing Autumn: Health and Wellness Tips for September in Colorado

September 19, 2023

“Discover comprehensive health and wellness tips tailored for the enchanting month of September in Colorado. From seasonal nutrition to combating allergies, learn how to navigate the challenges and embrace the beauty of autumn.”

Embracing Autumn: Health and Wellness Tips for September in Colorado

Published: September 7, 2023 | By: Dr. Lillian Thornton

As the vibrant summer colors in Colorado give way to the russet hues of autumn, September emerges with a crisp freshness in the air. It's a transitional month that beckons us to recalibrate our health and wellness routines.

A woman embracing the cool autumn breeze in Colorado

1. Be Prepared for Seasonal Allergies

September in Colorado sees an uptick in ragweed pollen. Stay ahead by consulting with an allergist to understand your sensitivities and get timely recommendations.

2. Nutrition for the Season

Embrace seasonal produce like pumpkins, squashes, and apples. These nutrient-rich foods not only resonate with the season's vibe but also provide essential vitamins and antioxidants.

3. Mindful Moments Amidst Nature

Autumn in Colorado is breathtakingly beautiful. Dedicate time for mindfulness practices outdoors. Whether it's a walk in the woods or meditation by a serene lake, let nature be your guide to inner peace.

4. Flu Shots and Vaccinations

September is an excellent month to get ahead of the flu season. Consult with your primary care physician about flu shots and any other recommended vaccinations.

5. Hydration and Skincare

The cool air can be deceptive. Ensure you're drinking enough water and adjusting your skincare routine to counteract the dry Colorado climate.

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